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SVS Subwoofer Review

The SVS subwoofer has always been an excellent choice for those looking for a quality subwoofer at a relatively affordable price or simply needing a unit for a small room. Here, we share the SVS subwoofer review.

The SVS has improved its various series with exciting features, such as an increase in the size of the driver and the remote control system through mobiles. We've had the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks with different SVS subwoofer systems, testing them both in music and especially in cinema. This review will tell you what it offers and how it works. 

What is the SVS Subwoofer, and How It Works?

The SVS subwoofer systems work just like any other subwoofer, so we'll explain what a subwoofer is and how they work.

A subwoofer is part of the family of loudspeakers. They are dedicated to reproducing low frequencies to improve the sound quality of an audio system, whether for Home-Cinema, the sound system (nightclub, party room, etc.), or a HI-Fi system.

Subwoofers can be active or passive. An active sub has built-in amplification and requires a power supply. On the other hand, passive subwoofers are connected to an external amplifier.

Main Features of the SVS Subwoofer

  • It has a mobile app that can control the device. 
  • Possesses heavy-duty voice coil for extreme power handling
  • Intelligent integration
  • Low-frequency response
  • Accurate and detailed sound
  • A 12-inch high output driver
  • Has the sledge Amplifier STA-500D

Choosing the Best SVS Subwoofer System

To choose the best SVS subwoofer system, you need to know and understand some things. A subwoofer isn't for decoration; it is bought because of its sound output capabilities. While you might know what you need, here are characteristics to check for while purchasing an SVS subwoofer:

Casing Design

An SVS subwoofer must be solid, which is why it is made of high-density MDF, and generally reinforced to withstand the loudspeaker's vibration.


The speaker of subwoofers are usually quite large, 16 to 38 cm for home use and 38 to 46 cm for professional use. The larger the speaker, the lesser the frequencies it can produce, provided its power supply keeps up. Also, the larger the loudspeaker, the greater the power required to move its membrane.

An SVS subwoofer with at least one speaker of the same size or even larger than these speakers is recommended.


This is the frequency range reproduced by the subwoofer. A subwoofer's bandwidth depends on the loudspeaker's quality and the electronic components used. A quality speaker will reproduce low frequencies with more clarity and less distortion.

Expressed in hertz, the operating range of an SVS subwoofer is generally 30 Hz to 500 Hz.


The more powerful it is, the more the loudspeaker will be able to reproduce low frequencies with power and precision, hence the importance of good amplification.

The Cutoff Frequency

The cutoff frequency of an SVS subwoofer makes it possible to define in Hz the level the loudspeaker will have to output sound. It is to be defined according to your tastes and speakers. It is customary to start from the lowest subwoofer spectrum (20.30 Hz). 

What's New and More General Details

In some SVS subwoofer systems, there’s a 2.8 cm diameter voice coil with 4-layer high-purity copper winding; this minimizes distortion and power compression with maximum heat dissipation, linearity, and magnetic transmission for a high excursion.

The SVS PB-1000 Pro is equipped with the 1000 Pro Sledge STA-325D Class D amplifier. This offers a power of 325W RMS, with more than 820W of maximum power. On the other hand, it uses 34A 120V MOSFET transistors and a high-efficiency switching power supply, 17A 650V MOSFET, which provides less electromagnetic interference and maximum efficiency.

In addition, SVS has incorporated one of the most advanced processors ever seen in their subwoofers. It is an analog audio DSP device (50 MHz) with 56-bit filtering, high resolution, and double precision. All of the above allows the SVS PB-1000 Pro to deliver a frequency response of 17 – 260 Hz (±3dB), which is incredible for a ported subwoofer.

Still using the SVS PB-1000 as a reference, on the back of the SVS PB-1000 Pro, we find the new intelligent function control (IFC) operated through an 11-LED display and a series of buttons. This allows for smooth control of the power mode, phase, volume, and low pass filter. The lights of the LED bar between the buttons serve as a visual indicator of the value we enter in each section.

The feature that does set the SVS PB-1000 Pro (and other SVS models) apart from the competition is the ability to control the subwoofer's parameters from a mobile app. The IFC is not only made up of an LED bar and several buttons, but it also has a Bluetooth connection inside that will allow us to communicate through a mobile phone and the subwoofer.


The truth is that it is challenging to find something to criticize about the SVS subwoofer brand. If you are looking for a modest subwoofer in size that offers the necessary power to make you feel the movies, you will not go wrong with an SVS subwoofer.

In addition, its music performance offers an additional benefit. If we must only have one subwoofer in our lifetime, the SVS subwoofer is an excellent choice.
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