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About Us

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Here at Buying.Expert, we are on a mission to provide all our readers with an expert’s view when they are searching for the perfect products or services that suit their needs. We always strive to save our readers time and eliminate any frustration or stress when they are shopping online. This applies whether they are searching for special buys, everyday essentials, or exclusive items.
Buying.Expert is part of the Mobile Advertising Consultant Group, Founded in 2017. While we do earn money via affiliate marketing programs, we always put our client’s wants and needs before ours. This means that we are paid commissions when you make a purchase via our links to various retailer sites.
Though, we never let the commission we earn affect our ratings. We always make recommendations based on an intelligent in-house build shopping engine that works to collect data from marketplaces while presenting us with insightful statistics that are needed for online purchases. Our complex technology ensures that all readers gain access to real-time product availability and advantages within a plethora of categories. We are on a mission to help our readers make informed decisions by helping them choose from the best options available.