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What Makes the Purple Mattress Unique?

If you are looking for a new mattress or can't sleep, the purple mattress is what you need for a good night's sleep. Take a look at our expert review and find out what makes their design unique.
Updated on July 10, 2024 1:14 PM
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How to get the best night's sleep? Our experts review the Purple mattress, explaining why it's ideal for all sleepers. Discover how its exceptional support and unique comfort can help you achieve your best rest. Check it out to learn how to improve your sleep quality.

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The Exceptional Sensation of Sleeping on a Purple Mattress

Unlike traditional mattresses, the Purple mattress offers a unique "hyperelastic polymer" grid as its top layer. Imagine a soft, jelly-like material with a grid pattern. Our experts favor it for how it provides both pressure relief and support. It also keeps you cool throughout the night, thanks to its excellent airflow.

On your side, it feels soft and almost buoyant, cradling your body comfortably. For back sleepers, the grid prevents sagging and keeps your spine aligned. Combination sleepers will also appreciate the gentle bounce, which is a welcome change from memory foam's resistance when you move. 

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How Firm is the Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress offers a remarkable firmness level that balances softness and support. It uses a hyper-elastic polymer grid, which adapts to your body, providing targeted pressure relief while maintaining proper spinal alignment. 

Our experts suggest it for its medium-firm feeling, making it suitable for various sleeping positions. It's firm enough to support your back but soft enough to cushion your shoulders and hips, offering a comfortable and versatile sleep. This balanced firmness is ideal for a restful night's sleep.


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Purple Mattress Construction

The Purple mattress is designed with innovative technology to offer exceptional comfort and support. Our experts break down its special layers:

  • Stretchy, Soft Cover: The top layer is a breathable, stretchy cover that promotes airflow and keeps you cool throughout the night.

  • Purple Grid Layer: Beneath the cover lies the Purple Grid, made from hyper-elastic polymer. This 2-inch grid adapts to your body, providing customized pressure relief and support. It’s both responsive and supportive, allowing for a buoyant, floating sensation.

  • Transition Foam Layer: Below the Purple Grid is a layer of transition foam. This medium-soft foam adds cushioning while maintaining the mattress’s overall support.

  • Support Foam Base: The foundation of the mattress is a dense support foam, ensuring durability and stability. It provides a solid base that enhances the overall support of the mattress.

Our experts found that each layer works harmoniously to deliver a balance of comfort, support, and cooling. The combination of the Purple Grid and supportive foam layers creates a mattress that adapts to different sleeping positions, making it an excellent choice for any sleeper and for a good night's sleep. 

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Purple Mattress Performance

The Purple mattress is designed to offer a balanced sleep experience through its innovative construction and materials. Here’s our expert detailed look at how it performs in various key areas:

Motion Isolation

The Purple Grid does an excellent job of isolating motion, making it a great choice for couples. Our experts found that movements on one side of the bed are not easily felt on the other, ensuring undisturbed sleep.
Edge Support: According to our experts, the Purple mattress offers decent edge support, different from traditional mattresses. The foam layers provide some reinforcement.

Temperature Regulation

One of the standout features of the Purple mattress is its temperature regulation. The grid design allows for significant airflow, preventing heat buildup and keeping sleepers cool throughout the night. Our experts particularly appreciate this feature, especially for hot sleepers.


Thanks to its hyper-elastic polymer material, the Purple mattress is more durable than many standard foam mattresses. With proper care, it can last between five to seven years. Our experts say the material’s resilience helps maintain its shape and support over time.


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Who is the Purple Mattress Best For?

The Purple mattress is designed for a wide range of sleepers, offering comfort and support for various sleeping positions and body types. Our experts explain who would benefit most from this mattress:

Sleeping Position

  • Side Sleepers: The Purple Grid provides excellent pressure relief, especially for side sleepers. It cushions the shoulders and hips while maintaining proper spinal alignment.
  • Back Sleepers: The mattress offers balanced support, ensuring the spine stays aligned without causing discomfort. The Purple Grid cradles the natural curves of the body, making it ideal for back sleepers.
  • Stomach Sleepers: The grid’s adaptive nature supports most stomach sleepers.
  • Combination Sleepers: The Purple mattress’s responsive nature and bounciness make it a great choice for combination sleepers who change positions throughout the night. It quickly adapts to different sleeping positions without causing discomfort.

Body Type

  • Lightweight Sleepers: They will find the Purple mattress comfortable and supportive. The grid adapts well to lighter bodies, providing ample cushioning without feeling too firm.
  • Average Weight Sleepers: These sleepers will benefit from the Purple mattress’s balanced support and pressure relief. It offers the right mix of softness and firmness for a comfortable sleep experience.
  • Heavyweight Sleepers: The mattress’s durable construction and supportive grid provide a decent sleep surface for many heavier sleepers.


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Is  a Purple Mattress Worth It? Yes! 

Yes, the Purple mattress is a worthy investment for the ultimate sleep experience. Its revolutionary hyper-elastic polymer grid ensures superb motion isolation, temperature regulation, and long-lasting durability. No matter your sleeping position or body type, this mattress has your back, literally. Our experts highly recommend it for its unique design and outstanding performance, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

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Final Verdict 

Get ready for a more restful sleep with a new Purple mattress. With every detail taken care of, it’s time to become one of the many satisfied sleepers. Our experts highly recommend it for its exceptional comfort, support, and a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams await!

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