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How to Find the Cheapest Flights on Kayak

How to save big and find the cheapest International flights from Canada? Follow our expert guide and book your flights for less on Kayak. Bon Voyage!
Updated on January 21, 2024 10:13 AM

Planning your dream escape from Canada? Use our guide to discover the cheapest flights on Kayak and plan your next trip. As your reliable flight search engine, Kayak guarantees unbeatable savings for one-way, return, international, multi-city, business trips, or family holidays. Let's explore how to secure the best deals for your upcoming journey. Happy travels!

Kayak: Save On Your Next Trip

How Does Kayak Work

Kayak is your ultimate meta-search platform, delivering the best travel search engine experience. In seconds, it scans prices from hundreds of travel sites, guaranteeing optimal deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and more for your dream trip. 

According to our experts, Kayak's customizable results allow you to refine searches based on factors like flight duration, stops, and timely arrivals, ensuring your travel preferences are met. 

Find the Cheapest Flights on Kayak

What We Love About Kayak’s Flights Search 

Explore the various features of Kayak with our expert insights, revealing the keys to securing the cheapest flight options for your upcoming journey. 

1. The Best Customizable Flight Options

Tailor your flight experience with Kayak's highly adaptable options. Kayak allows you to be quite specific about your flight preferences. Find the perfect flight for your needs, uniquely tailored to your specifications. 

2. The Best Search for Multiple Destinations At Once 

Easily explore multiple destinations with Kayak's versatile search. Enter up to three airports or cities simultaneously, keeping your travel options open. This user-friendly feature allows you to efficiently discover different locations at once, making Kayak the ideal tool for finding the perfect destination for your next trip.

3. Pair Airlines & One-way Ticket Options

Kayak simplifies your flight search by offering combinations of one-way tickets from various airlines when available. That enables you to discover the most affordable options for your travel route. 

4. The Most Flexible Date Search 

Improve your chances of finding the cheapest deals with Kayak's calendar and flexible date filters. Easily filter and explore flexible dates with options like plus/minus 1, 2, or 3 days, adjusting the chart accordingly. 

Alternatively, choose specific dates with a color-coded chart displaying estimated pricing. Whether you're flexible or have specific dates in mind, Kayak makes it easy to find the most affordable flights for your travel plans.

5. Track Airfare & Price Alerts 

Keep an eye on airfare with Kayak's Price Alerts feature. Set up alerts for specific flight routes and destinations via email. Kayak provides insightful recommendations on whether to book now or wait, considering pricing trends. Additionally, you can receive notifications about new flights and prices for your searched route and stay informed with Kayak's alerts.


6. The Explore Destinations Feature 

Select your next destination using Kayak's "Explore" feature. Whether you're undecided or simply flexible about your destination, this tool presents affordable options at the moment of search, helping you pick the destination for your next trip and save money. 


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Kayak: Save On Your Next Trip

How To Use Kayak

Here's our expert step-by-step guide to start your search and book your next trip on Kayak. 

Step 1: Start Your Search 

Begin your journey on Kayak by filling in the "From" and "To" boxes with your preferred airports or cities. Add up to 3 options in each box if you are flexible. If you're open to unexpected adventures, you can use the "anywhere search" function for the cheapest travel options.

Step 2: Go over The Flight Results

Explore the various flight options presented in your search. Initially sorted by "Best," you can customize based on preferences such as "Cheapest" or "Quickest." Toggle through and click "Other sort" for specific preferences. Our experts claim the best results are usually the most accurate.

Step 3: Book Your Trip 

Purchasing flights on Kayak is simple and easy. Click "view deal" to be directed to the OTA for finalizing your booking. Some flights offer a drop-down arrow, presenting multiple booking options. Choose your preferred deal, and Kayak will seamlessly guide you to the checkout page, facilitating direct booking or redirection to the selected site. 

helpful content kayak guide

Find the Cheapest Flights on Kayak


Ready to turn your dream escape from Canada into reality? Use our guide and discover the cheapest flights on Kayak. Find on Kayak unmatched savings for one-way, return, international, multi-city, business trips, or family holidays. Start your journey and book today. 

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