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Best Ulike IPL Devices for In-Home Hair Removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal is no longer the only cosmetology clinic service. With the advent of at-home IPL devices, you can now get professional hair removal results in the comfort of your own home.
Updated on July 9, 2024 12:46 PM
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A leader in the beauty industry, Ulike offers the two best IPL devices for in-home hair removal: Air 3 and Air 10. Best in addressing the root cause of hair growth without pain or skin damage, these devices offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional hair removal methods.

Let's take a closer look at Ulike hair removal devices, compare their features, and discuss why you should use home IPL devices from Ulike.

What Are IPL Devices? Why Are They a Thing?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devices use a broad light spectrum to target hair follicles and inhibit hair growth. They are similar to laser hair removal, but instead of using a single wavelength of light, IPL devices emit multiple wavelengths. This makes them suitable for a broader range of skin and hair types.

The popularity of IPL devices has grown in recent years due to their ease of use, affordability, and effectiveness. They offer a long-term solution for removing unwanted hair without the need for frequent salon visits or expensive treatments.

IPL devices use extremely bright light flashes - with a specific frequency range and bandwidth proven to penetrate the skin and turn off hair growth. When targeting an area with unwanted hair, the pigment in the hair follicles will absorb the device's light, heating them up and damaging their ability to grow.

Home IPL devices will usually limit the bandwidth to around 400nm-1200 nm, the safest and most efficient range for at-home hair removal.

The light that penetrates your skin comes from a xenon gas arc lamp. The emitted light ranges from the ultraviolet to the infrared portion of the spectrum. To exclude UV radiation and make the light safer for your skin, IPL devices have colored filters in front of the gas arc lamps that absorb any wavelength shorter than the minimum.

Penetrating beneath the skin surface, the pulses of light target melanin (the specific pigment in the hair). Ulike devices, they are more effective on darker hair than lighter ones because the darker pigment better absorbs the light and translates it to heat energy with photothermolysis. With enough heat, the light pulses hit the hair follicle, cook it, and impair its growth ability.

However, you should be realistic about the effectiveness of home IPL devices. Hair follicles are resistant, and it might take several sessions to see results. Additionally, some hairs may still grow back after treatment but will be finer and slower-growing. Consistent use is critical to achieving desired results with IPL devices.

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Is It Safe to Use IPL Devices Yourself at Home? 

Considering that IPL devices emit UV radiation, the most common (and understandable) concern is whether IPL devices have potential cancer risks. In the case of Ulike devices and most IPL devices in general, the filter is placed in front of the gas arc lamps that emit the light. These filters save your skin from UV radiation, removing cancer risks.

However, home IPL devices are only partially safe and applicable for some. To determine whether an IPL device is safe, assess your skin tone according to the Fitzpatrick scale.

If you're in the range of I - IV, Ulike devices are generally safe for you. If you are type V, you are on the edge of being unsafe, and when you are type VI, we recommend you never use a home IPL device for hair removal.

You should also note that those with "safer" skin tones, like I-IV, can still experience a little tingling and itchiness after the first use.

Issues can also arise if you use the IP device on moles, freckles, and birthmarks, which are general safety concerns, and for the best and safest results, you should avoid those areas.

Ulike's Unrivaled Skin Protection

Ulike has a Sapphire crystal skin protection technology that retains a cool 65°F contact temperature after 30 minutes of use. This prevents your skin from burns or irritation.

Additionally, the treatment head fits flush against your skin, preventing any residue build-up, + you have an optimized contact angle for more efficient hair removal.

Thanks to these advanced safety features, Ulike has been clinically tested and certified according to international medical and safety standards (see the certifications below).

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What to Consider When Evaluating IPL Devices? 

Of course, the best indicators of IPL devices are the feeling of comfort during and immediately after using them and the time it takes hair to regrow. As this is not something you can test just at the store, here is what Ulike users say (after using the devices for some continous weeks).

Luckily, there are two other factors that you can evaluate right before purchasing the device.

Firstly, you need a simple device. This does not mean you need IPL devices that do just one thing or operate on a single setting. Instead, you need a device that is easy to handle, with clear instructions and proper safety settings—without compromising the wide range of levels, intensity, and modes it offers.

Secondly, you need a device with a well-working cooling system. This means it needs cooling technology that does not only cool the skin down just before or during use but also preserves this temperature throughout the whole session.

For example, Ulike's advanced cooling system allows you to use the highest settings of the IPL device right at the gate. The cooling system keeps your skin from burning or feeling discomfort during the whole session, even if you hit the highest level initially.

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The 2 Best IPL Devices from Ulike: Air 10 vs Air 3

If you're looking for a reliable, efficient, and safe way to remove unwanted hair at home, Ulike has two amazing options. The Air 10 and Air 3 are two products from Ulike's IPL series that have received rave reviews and positive feedback from users.

But what are the key differences between these two models?

Which one should you choose for your hair removal needs?

Scroll down. We're answering all the questions you have.

Air 10 vs Air 3: The Duration of the Results

If you're not extremely short of time (like your ticket to the ocean is already booked for the end of the month), we would say both Ulike devices have similar lasting results, with A10 slightly outperforming its predecessor.

Air 10 will provide you with 96% hair reduction density in around two weeks, and you will see a visible reduction in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Air 3 has 90% hair density in 4 weeks, while visible hair reduction happens in 3 weeks after using the device.

Complete hairlessness is possible with both Ulike devices after 12 weeks of regular usage. So, the change and results are pretty quick either way (most probably won't even notice the difference in hairlessness if you use one device after another).

However, you should note that Ulike Air 10 is more effective when working with thicker and coarse hair.

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Air 10 vs Air 3: The Level of Pain

It's worth saying that Ulike did a pretty good job in terms of pain—or, rather, the lack thereof. Both are gentle on the skin thanks to the brand's exclusive ice-colling technology. The latter reduces the temperature of the heated radiation, making it more skin-friendly and causing less pain.

But still, there's a difference between these two models.

The new Unlike Air 10 is equipped with an advanced ice-cooling system that keeps the temperature device at about 16 degrees Celsius. Compared to Air 3, which has the lowest temperature at 20 degrees Celsius, Air 10 offers a more comfortable experience for those with sensitive skin.

There's one more factor you should account for—the skin tone sensors and automatic power adjustment technology of Air 10. With these add-ons to the Air 10 device, users can better customize the treatment for different skin areas, so the overall feeling of pain or discomfort will be less intense.

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Air 10 vs Air 3: Treatment Time 

When we compare the time frames of the full-body treatments, it's 10 minutes (Air 10) versus 12 minutes (Air 3).

Why is Air 10 faster? There are several reasons for that.

  1. Air 10 works with dual lights, emitting 2-4 flashes per shot. Air 3 has 1 flash per shot and works with a single lamp. So, one hit of Air 10 covers the bigger area, meaning that you need less time for hair reduction.

  2. Another difference is the flash window of the devices or the area that an IPL device can cover in one flash. Air 10's window is 0.6 in², while that of Air 3 is 0.5 in².

Well, two minutes are a small difference, but every minute counts if you're looking for fast and effective hair reduction.

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Air 10 vs Air 3: Compatibility with Skin Types and Hair Color

Well, here we definitely have a tie between Air 10 and Air 3. Both devices work best on the contrast (light skin color, dark hair color).

Regarding compatibility with different skin types and hair colors, it's not much about the device's power but rather the melanin content in the user's skin/hair.

The light energy emitted by Ulike IP devices targets the melanin pigment in the hair. The more melanin in the hair, the more influential the treatment will be. However, too much melanin in the skin (i.e., dark skin) can also absorb light energy and cause burns or discoloration. That's why IPL devices are not recommended for dark skin tones or blonde/white/grey hair.

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Air 10 vs Air 3: Intensity of the Operation

If you have a stubborn hair structure or are generally not very responsive to hair removal treatments, Air 10 would be the better choice. In addition to Air 3's free power modes, which are intended for arms, legs, and abdomen, Air 10 has an additional AHR mode.

This last high-intensity power mode is Air 10's advanced response to harder, coarser hair removal. It can be used for bikinis or other areas requiring harsher treatment.

So, if you need intense treatment, Air 10 is an obvious winner.

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Air 10 vs Air 3: The Ease of Use

Here, let's give the much-awaited trophy to Air 3 - a basic but very intuitive device from Ulike.

Air 3 is a basic device that requires less time and effort to get the hang of compared to its more advanced counterpart, Air 10. The power brick is placed part-way down the line instead of at the plug, making it easier to hold and use.

Moreover, Air 3 only has one button for switching between the three modes, making operating simple and straightforward. So, yes, having fewer power modes comes in handy sometimes.

However, it is worth mentioning Air 3 has complexities in fitting the skin surface on certain body parts. Testers report having the position and the angle of the Air 3 just right is a bit tricky when doing hair removal on arms or legs.

Forgiving Air 3 this inconvenience (though not minor), Air 3 is ahead of Air 10 in terms of ease of use.

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Air 10 vs Air 3: Accessories in the Box

Giving each Ulike device +5 points for a few accessories is more than fair. You need accessories (like goggles) to keep your eyes safe while using the device and a cleansing razor. And yes, a storage case would be nice to have as well.

Ulike knows this. The Air 10 and Air 3 come with protective goggles, cleansing razors, and storage cases in their respective boxes. The boxes also contain UV protective glasses, a power cord, and an adaptor.

Air 10's storage case is a draw-string bag, slightly more convenient than Air 3's smaller hard case, but that is a personal preference.

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Air 10 vs Air 3: Pricing

For all the add-ons we discussed above, an extra $40 is needed to get Air 10 over Air 3. However, considering the benefits of Air 10 over Air 3, like the shorter treatment time and higher intensity, paying $40 more is absolutely reasonable.

Generally, devices are on the moderate pricing spectrum (if you compare it to certified, safe professional laser hair removal procedures).

It's $359 for Air 3 (but you can choose from 3 beautiful colors) and $399 for Air 10 (only purple color, but more powerful).

When buying any of the Ulike devices, you're getting a one-year manufacturing guarantee. This means if anything goes wrong with the device, you can contact customer service, and they will assist you (or replace your device for free in case the dysfunction is because of the manufacturing error).

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The Verdict: Should You Choose Air 10 or Air 3?

So, it's time to invite the winner to the stage. However, do we even have one?

Of course, Air 10 came as an improved version of Air 3 with an extra intensive mode, shorter treatment time, and a larger spot size.

However, if you are on a budget or just starting to explore at-home laser hair removal devices, Air 3 could be your perfect match. It's affordable, comes in multiple colors, and still gives excellent results.

From all the detailed comparisons we brought up below, the most important factor to consider is the quality of your hair.

Those with stubborn hair should opt for Air 10, as Air 3 simply won't be strong enough to tackle the task.

But if that's not the case, Air 3 is a great option. It provides effective hair removal at a more affordable price point.

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