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VistaPrint: Marketing Guide To All Your Branding Essentials

Boost your business with VistaPrint custom marketing materials to make a lasting impression. Our expert guide will help enhance your brand and take your business to the next level. Learn why every detail counts!
Updated on July 2, 2024 2:23 PM

Looking to make your brand stand out and drive your business to success? VistaPrint’s marketing essentials are here to help you! Our branding experts and marketing specialists explain why these materials are important for building brand awareness and share top tips to make your marketing efforts impactful. Whether it’s business cards, postcards, or door flyers, our guide has you covered with everything you need to elevate your brand.

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Why Print Marketing Still Matters for Building Your Brand 

In an age dominated by digital advertising, print marketing remains a powerful tool for enhancing brand awareness. Our experts find products like business cards, postcards, and door hangers from VistaPrint continue to deliver impact for small businesses. Here's their breakdown of why print marketing is still crucial for your branding efforts:

1. Keeping It Real

Print materials like business cards and postcards offer a physical presence that digital ads can’t match. When a potential customer holds a business card or postcard, it creates a lasting impression. This tangible interaction helps people remember your brand longer and more vividly.

2. Highly Effective

Print marketing remains effective, with studies showing that 80% of consumers act on printed ads, compared to 45% for digital ads. For example, a well-designed door hanger can capture attention directly at the customer’s doorstep, providing a personal touch that digital channels often lack.

3. Complements Digital Marketing

Combining print with digital marketing can enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns. A postcard directing recipients to your website or social media can increase engagement and drive online traffic, creating a seamless connection between offline and online marketing efforts.

4. Builds Trust and Local Recognition

Print materials help establish trust and local recognition. People tend to trust print ads more than online ones due to the increasing number of internet scams. Business cards and door hangers can foster a personal connection with local customers, building trust and loyalty essential for long-term success.

5. Helps You Stand Out

In a crowded digital landscape, print materials give you a competitive edge. A creatively designed postcard or business card can make your brand stand out and be more memorable compared to standard digital advertisements.

helpful content marketing essentials guide

VistaPrint: Get Your Branding Essentials Here 

How to Make Your Marketing Essentials Stand Out

Our experts believe that with the right approach, small businesses can make a big impact using VistaPrint's marketing products like business cards, postcards, and door hangers. Here are five pro tips to help your marketing essentials truly make an impact:

  1. Understand Your Audience: Identify who your customers are and what they need. Consider where they are in their buying journey - whether they're just discovering your business or ready to make a purchase. Tailor your business cards and postcards to speak directly to their interests, pain points, and needs.

  2. Craft Clear Messaging: Keep your message simple and direct. Whether it’s a door hanger announcing a sale or a postcard introducing your services, make sure it’s clear what you offer and how it benefits the customer. Always include important details like your business location, contact information, and a brief value proposition.

  3. Include a Strong Call to Action: Guide your audience on what to do next. Phrases like “Visit us today,” “Call now,” or “Check out our website” on your business cards or door hangers can motivate potential customers to actually do so.

  4. Use Eye-Catching Design: Design is crucial for grabbing attention. Use vibrant colors, bold fonts, and engaging images that reflect your brand. Ensure your business cards and postcards have a professional look by using VistaPrint’s design tools, which support high-quality CMYK color mode for accurate print results.

  5. Consistency Is Key: Consistency in design reinforces your brand identity. Always use your brand’s colors and logo across all materials to make your business easily recognizable and memorable.

helpful content marketing essentials guide

VistaPrint: Get Your Branding Essentials Here 

The Marketing Essentials Your Business Needs 

Our experts recommend the top three marketing essentials that every small business should invest in Business cards, Postcards, and Door Hangers. They suggest using VistaPrint to maximize the impact of these print marketing products and achieve the best results for your business success.

Business Card

Business cards are an essential tool for sharing your contact information and making a memorable first impression. Our experts find they’re perfect for networking and unexpected meetings with potential clients, and can help to generate leads for your business. 

A well-designed business card can set you apart and keep your brand top of mind when a customer needs your services. VistaPrint offers customizable options that reflect your brand’s values, whether through premium materials for a luxury feel or eco-friendly choices for sustainability. Enhance your brand's presence with business cards that truly represent you.

helpful content marketing essentials guide

VistaPrint: Get Your Branding Essentials Here 


Want to connect with your audience in a personal way? Custom postcards are the perfect choice. Whether you’re promoting a special offer or sending updates, VistaPrint's high-quality, customizable postcards can grab attention and engage your customers. 

The benefits of using marketing postcards include follow-ups, seasonal greetings, and targeted campaigns, which help boost brand awareness and customer engagement cost-effectively through direct mail.

helpful content marketing essentials guide

VistaPrint: Get Your Branding Essentials Here 

Door Hangers

Door hangers are a unique way to promote your brand locally by hanging them directly on door handles. They’re great for targeting specific neighborhoods with messages tailored to announce sales, special offers, or events. This method gets attention because it's unusual and easy to see. 

Our experts have found that door hangers can effectively generate leads by including your contact details and directing people to your website or store. They’re a cost-effective and direct way to get your message right to potential customers' doors. With VistaPrint, designing and customizing door hangers is easy and convenient. You can choose from a wide range of templates tailored to various business needs and styles

helpful content marketing essentials guide

VistaPrint: Get Your Branding Essentials Here 


Incorporating VistaPrint’s print marketing products into your strategy can effectively promote your small business brand’s presence and recognition. Use our expert guide to learn more and get your marketing essentials today!

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