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4 Rad Power Electric Bikes and 10 Reasons to Buy Them Right Away

Want to conquer longer roads with one of the healthiest transport modes available? Try the Rad Power Electric Bike!
Updated on July 9, 2024 3:32 PM
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Being one of the largest bike companies in North America, Rad Power Bikes has been producing top-quality electric bikes for over a decade. These bikes are designed to make transportation easier and more enjoyable for urban dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts.

In this article, we will discuss the best models from Rad Power Bikes and the reasons why you should get your hands on one immediately.

What Is an Electric Bike? 

An electric bike (e-bike) is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor that assists the rider's pedaling. The motor provides extra power, making it easier to conquer longer and more challenging routes. The motor can also help riders reach higher speeds without exerting too much effort—perfect for those who want a fun and efficient way to travel.

Besides the pedal-assist bikes (where you still have to work with your legs), there are also models with throttles, where you can control the speed with a twist of your wrist, like a motorcycle. Ebikes with throttles free you from pedaling, perfect for those who want to cruise around town leisurely (but maybe not the best for those who want to maintain physical activity).

In this article, we will focus on the first type of e-bikes - those that you ride by pedaling but also have a little motor help to add speed and power.

Electric Bike vs Regular Bike

There are a few key differences between electric bikes and regular bikes. The most obvious one is the motor, which allows bikes to assist in pedaling or even take over completely. This makes riding uphill easier and reduces strain on the legs, making it more feasible for people who may not have been able to ride long distances on a regular bike.

So, an electric bike is a regular bike on steroids, giving you more power and speed to tackle any terrain.

Electric bikes are perfect for those who don't have strong physical stamina but still want to enjoy the thrill of biking. Regular bikes are usually limited to a certain distance depending on the rider's endurance, but with an electric bike, you can go further without getting exhausted.

Why Are Rad Bikes the Best Option for Electric Bikes?

Rad Power Bikes is one of the largest bike manufacturers in North California, and Mike Radenbaugh, a creative and innovative man, is behind it.

The first reason to trust Rad Power Bikes is the founder's detailed knowledge of what they produce. Mike made the first motor-assisted bike in their garage while still in high school. Starting from that ground, the company developed and turned into a leader in e-bike technology, with new and more advanced models coming one after another.

You can rely on Rad Power Bikes for trail and cargo bikes and folding and city bikes—all of them are designed to support riders so that they can comfortably ride on different terrains and in different conditions.

Besides, Rad Power Bikes are equipped with powerful motors and long-lasting batteries, providing you with enough speed and mileage to cover longer distances without worrying about running out of charge.

Over the years, Rad Power Bikes have been tried and tested by over 500,000 riders, proving them reliable and sturdy, making them a top choice for electric bike enthusiasts. 

Rad Power Bikes: Get Yours Now!

High Price/Quality Ratio

If you're a seasoned bike lover who continuously monitors the market and tries out various models, you should know that Rad Power Bikes are at the optimal intersection of price and quality, leaving other e-bike brands behind in terms of value for money.

You can buy reliable, durable, and tested bikes from Rad Power Bikes for less than $2,500. Given the bike prices range from around $500 (in your place, we would not trust the bike that's cheaper than $1,000) to even $10,000+, having a brand that stands by its mission to provide budget-friendly bikes that don't compromise on quality is a winner.

Rad Power Bikes products range from $1,500-$2,500 for cargo, trail, and city bikes, with some promotions and discounts available occasionally. Meanwhile, they have hundreds of reviews backing up their claim to be one of the most reliable bike brands in the market with every must-have feature: fender, suspension fork, integrated lights, and more!

Another benefit is that Rad Power Bikes adopts an RBP model, meaning they sell their products directly to consumers with no retail markup.

Rad Power Bikes: Get Yours Now!


The high quality of Rad Power Bikes is the best promise for durability. It's not a secret that e-bikes often go through rough conditions, and it can be a real headache if you have to replace or fix parts of your bike frequently.

However, if you have to (who knows where the wind of adventures may take you), Rad Power Bikes boasts a wide network of service locations that accept all their models for maintenance, as well as an online shop with spare parts, kits, and accessories.

Adding the 2-year limited warranty that covers the frame and components, you can ride confidently, knowing your bike is built to last.

Responsive Customer Support 

With a wide range of pre-purchasing services (test drive, financing), excellent return management, 1,000+ service partners, and an extensive help center always available to help you solve any issues or answer your questions, Rad Power Bikes has built a customer-oriented business model that allows for a smooth and pleasant buying experience.

You have support and quick response to any issue or question during your entire e-bike journey. You're not just buying a bike, but also the company's support and expertise.

A Good Collection of Accessories

If you want to assemble a completely new electric bike by adding storage spaces, safety and security details, upgrades, or even changing the seating - you can confidently do it with Rad Power bikes.

With a large bank of accessories and great attention to detail and function, Rad Power Bikes has your back when it comes to customizing your bike according to your needs.

Wide Variety of Electric Bikes

Rad Power Bikes positions itself as an electric bike manufacturer for each type of rider. And that's true. Just looking at their product line, you'll notice that Rad Power Bikes has a model for every specific need and type of rider.

You can choose from Cargo, City, Folding, Step-Thru, and many other models. So, literally, whatever purpose you may have for an electric bike, Rad Power Bikes has got you covered.

Rad Power Bikes: Get Yours Now!

4 Rad Power Bikes If You're Looking for the Best of the Best

Well, it's time to get serious with recommendations. Here are some top-rated electric bikes from Rad Power Bikes that you may want to consider.

We've picked 4 based on customer reviews, features, and overall performance, which suit various needs and budgets.

Radster™ Trail Electric Off-Road Bike 

Specs and Features

  • Top speed: 28 mph

  • Battery: 15Ah 720 Wh

  • Range: 65+ miles

  • Power: 750w

  • Payload: 370 lb

  • Torque: 100 Nm

  • Visibility: 200-lumen headlight

  • Colors: Brown, Green

Why Choose It?

  • Sensored torque helps to keep the power.

  • Safe shield batter is thermal-resistant.

  • Fat tires for advanced performance and sporty handling


Pick the Radster Trail bike and go out on the trails with extreme fun and performance. This bike comes in two equally stunning colors: Brown and Green.

It's an off-road electric bike that offers a thrilling ride through its 750-watt motor, which gives you top speeds of up to 28 mph. You'll love how it handles bumps and rough terrains thanks to its 3" mid-fat tires.

But that's not all; this bike also has some excellent features, like a powerful headlight that illuminates your path even in low-light conditions, a battery shield for thermal protection, and censored torque to give you maximum power with each pedal stroke.

Designed for off-road conditions, this electric bike has every safety and performance feature to conquer any trail. It features a thru-axle to have a safe and strong wheel system. The hydraulic disc brakes ensure all-weather stopping ability. The all-new Safe Shield Battery is UL Certified to UL-2271 and thermal-resistant. It comes with a unique heat-absorbing resin designed to prevent an accident from escalating.

There are 3 speed settings for every rider. Additionally, the sensor torque reacts as you pedal, giving you the maximum power output without wasting energy. This also helps conserve battery life.

Rad Power Bikes: Get Yours Now!

RadRover™ 6 Plus Electric Fat Tire Bike

Specs and Features

  • Top speed: 20 mph

  • Battery: 14Ah 672 Wh

  • Range: 45+ miles

  • Power: 750w

  • Payload: 275 lb

  • Visibility: LED headlight

  • Colors: Green, Black, White

Why Choose It?

  • The Rad Power Bikes flagship model, in its 6th iteration, is upgraded with the latest innovations.

  • Step-thru and High-Step frame options are available to fit each rider.

  • This model is a budget-friendly, optimal solution for different terrains.


Welcome to the real treasure in the Rad Power Bikes library of electric bikes - the RadRover™ 6 Plus. This top-of-the-line flagship machine is armed to the teeth with all of the latest performance and safety upgrades.

It carries the history of Rad Power Bikes' first electric bicycle models. The Rad-engineered, in-house designed motor helps make this bike a universal performer.

Thanks to the durable front suspension fork, you can sail over cracks and ride confidently on any terrain. You can also be very confident in its safety features. The bike is designed according to the guidelines of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the European Committee for Standardization.

Tire sidewalls have reflective striping to improve visibility on the road. For night riders, an LED headlight illuminates the darkest of roads, and an integrated taillight with brake-light indicator keeps you visible from behind.

The brakes of this bike are tested for all-weather performance. The puncture-resistant, durable 26x4" fat tires are perfect for riding on any terrain. In addition, the available step-thru frame option is suitable for riders of all shapes and sizes.

Rad Power Bikes: Get Yours Now!

Radster™ Road Electric Commuter Bike 

Specs and Features

  • Top speed: 28 mph

  • Battery: 15Ah 720 Wh

  • Range: 65+ miles

  • Power: 750w

  • Payload: 320 lb

  • Torque: 100 Nm

  • Visibility: ~200 lumens LED headlight

  • Colors: Blue, Grey

Why Choose It?

  • Two ergonomic frame options (regular and large) to customize commute.

  • A personal passcode is needed to lock and leave your back on the street.


Are you not an extreme lover but still prefer an electric bike? We have the perfect solution for you - the Radster™ Road Electric Commuter Bike. This bike combines sleek design, enhanced safety features, and powerful performance to give you a smooth and efficient ride for everyday city commute.

The top speed of 28 mph suits city commutes, making it faster than most traditional bikes but still within the legal limit. The 15Ah battery provides a range of over 65 miles on a single charge, perfect for daily commutes or even longer rides on weekends. The 750w motor gives you enough power to easily tackle hilly terrains and challenging roads (who said cities don't have hills?).

An anti-theft personal passcode lock ensures the safety of your bike when you have to leave it on the streets, giving you peace of mind while running errands or having lunch with friends. You can prevent your bike from being powered on by others with a passcode or a touch of a button on the screen.

You can ride this Rad Power electric bike confidently at night, with rear-facing turn signals securing you from cars, pedestrians, and fellow cyclists. The ~200 lumens LED headlight enhances your visibility on the road, making it safer for you and others.

Rad Power Bikes: Get Yours Now!

RadWagon™ 5 Electric Cargo Bike 

Specs and Features

  • Top speed: 28 mph

  • Battery: 15Ah 720 Wh

  • Range: 60+ miles

  • Power: 750w

  • Payload: 375 lb

  • Torque: 90 Nm

  • Visibility: 200-lumen headlight

  • Colors: Black, Blue

Why Choose It?

  • The e-bike allows for carrying a lot of weight while riding.

  • Improved handling compared to RadWagon 4 ensures sturdy handling even with heavy loads.

  • Convenient for open-air, safe rides with kids.


If you're frequently loaded with groceries and running errands, or your kids love the moment you pick them up from school with an e-bike, RadWagon™ 5 Electric Cargo Bike is the perfect choice for you. With a maximum payload capacity of 375 lbs, this cargo bike allows you to carry almost everything while riding.

Rad Power Bikes had no such carrying capacity before. Still, an improved handling system compared to RadWagon 4 ensures a convenient ride, no matter how heavy the load.

The RadWagon 5 provides a condensed frame for better handling and advanced safety features. Besides being a universal transportation for kids and heavy cargo, this electric bike is also great for 4'11" to 6'3" riders.

The handling is very convenient thanks to the redesigned frame, which promises nimble, sturdy handling. You can ride confidently with suspension for unexpected bumps, a responsive torque sensor, and a lower center of gravity. There is also upgraded power for faster hill climbing—all you need to do is stay relaxed and pedal on.

Rad Power Bikes: Get Yours Now!

Why Should You Have an Electric Bike? 3 Irresistible Benefits 

Are you unsure about buying an electric bike? Don't worry—this section will help you understand why the decision is worth every penny.

Your Body Does More Healthy Exercise

Yes, it's not a regular bike where you strive to keep your back on the bike frame and push pedals to gain speed - making your entire body sweaty afterward. Electric bikes assist you in pedaling and do the heavy lifting of the bike itself, but it still requires a certain amount of effort from your side to keep going.

The great news is that electric bikes enhance your overall health. Riding an e-bike has a similar effect on heart rate, oxygen consumption, and calories burned compared to traditional bicycles. But a pleasant bonus is you decide how much effort to put in - so it's not exhausting and you can go on longer rides without being overly fatigued.

If your work or other daily commute includes a sedentary lifestyle, an electric bike is the perfect way to incorporate physical activity into your routine.

You Are Having More Fun

A mild roller coaster, winds blowing in your hair, and the feeling of freedom? Yes, that's exactly what you can expect when riding an electric bike. It brings adventure and excitement to your life, making every ride more than just a means of transportation.

Aside from being fun to ride, electric bikes also allow you to explore new routes that may have been too challenging on a regular bike. With the added assistance of the motor, you can conquer hills and long distances with ease, expanding your exploration possibilities.

Mountains, trails, and scenic routes are all within reach with an electric bike. So why settle for the same old boring route when you can have a thrilling adventure on your daily commute?

You Can Enjoy the Ride Even with Weaker Stamina

Not everyone is in peak physical condition, and that's okay. With an electric bike, you can handle keeping up with others and feeling left behind on group rides. The motor can assist you when you need it, allowing you to ride at your own pace without getting tired too quickly.

This feature makes electric bikes a great option for people recovering from injuries or those with weaker stamina. They can still enjoy the freedom of riding a bike without pushing their bodies beyond their limits.

To Sum Up

For anyone interested in buying an e-bike, Rad Power Bikes offers the best-in-class bikes in various models. Whether you want an efficient commuter bike or a rugged off-road adventure bike, there is an electric bike for every need at Rad Power Bikes.

Investing in an electric bike benefits your health and the environment and adds excitement and fun to your daily routine. So why wait? Start your journey towards a greener, healthier, and more adventurous lifestyle.

Rad Power Bikes: Get Yours Now!

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